The Armadale Project is a community project bringing art to the streets of Armadale, Western Australia. In her travels, local artist Lorraine Corker will collect and record information about the area using painting, photography and video. Lorraine engages with Armadale’s community, history and environment through impromptu encounters. The materials gathered during these walks will culminate in events celebrating the diversity of the region.



Lorraine Corker would like to acknowledge the kind assistance of the following individuals and organisations who have assisted in the realisation of this project:


Armadale Districts Historians
The Armadale Redevelopment Authority
Arts Vision Armadale
The Birtwistle Local Studies Library
City of Armadale
The Department of Culture and the Arts
Drug Arm WA inc
Lifeline WA
Harvey Norman


Christen John Bell
Helen Corker
Rob Corker
Kim Fletcher
Lorretta Gibbs
Henrique Kwong Ling
Alannah MacTiernan
Stuart Medley
Helen Michaelsen
Theresa Miller
Lorraine Pearce
Sarah Jane Pell
Marion Pearson
Sussi Porsborg
Malcolm Riddoch
Michael Kane Taylor
Paul Trinidad
Katherine Wilkenson
Eve Wolfe
Liz Van Den Zandra