Although its a bit late in the day, I have decided to admit defeat with this painting.  I have tried so hard to make it work but it just isn’t going to happen.  Although its going to make the task of finishing on time for the wind up all the harder, it just had to be done.

Primed for a restart.


Arts Vision Armadale (AVA) who have been the hosts for this project have sent out invitations to mark the completion of the residency and The Armadale Project exhibition. If you haven’t received your invite, no worries pop along anyway, we will be glad to see you at:

The Old Post Office, Jull Street Mall, Armadale (opposite the railway station).

Friday December 19th – starts 6pm with the Hon. Alannah MacTiernan giving a formal address at 6.30pm

Lorraine Corker carrying one the traveling canvas’

This is the last week of the exhibition.  It closes on Sunday 14th December but will reopen for one more day on Friday 19th December to celebrate the culmination of the project.   If you haven’t seen the exhibition yet, this is your last chance.

Gallery hours for the remainder of this week:  Wednesday – Sunday 11am – 3pm
by appointment (ring 0418 042 379)

click here for details and invitation for closing event

Ila was interested in the progress of the visitor tally painting and also appreciated its humour.

This traveling canvas has had the last place added to it and I am now working on the finishing touches.

Helen came to the gallery recently to help out.  She is designing the web site for Arts Vision Armadale (AVA), the organisation who is hosting this project.  Lucy decided to keep an eye on her.

I have been asked to donate the transporter used to carry the canvas and equipment to History House Museum.  I have also offered to supply the video showing it in use along with a set of white clothes worn for the painting excursions.

The transporter soon to be a  museum piece.

The story board has created a lot of interest and comments.

It will have to be washed off the wall at the end of the exhibition.

This has been a tricky one to do but I am slowly moving forward, although I have had to go back slightly with Michael to get it right.

I am working as hard as I can to get all these finished before the end of the exhibition.