For the final show all the source material will be removed and the exhibition will follow more traditional lines.


Helen came to the gallery recently to help out.  She is designing the web site for Arts Vision Armadale (AVA), the organisation who is hosting this project.  Lucy decided to keep an eye on her.

The Armadale Project Exhibition has been extended by two weeks to give more people the chance to see it.  The final closing date has not yet been finalised but is likely to be 14th December.

The exhibition has maintained a works in progress approach which has been a feature of this project.  Many people have found this interesting and want to return to see the progress and finished work.  I am seriously considering having a closing to facilitate this and have asked Alannah if she will “open” the closing should I go ahead with this idea, to which she has agreed to in principle.

As a bit of fun the visitor tally has been included as a work in progress.

I had posters made of some of the images from inside story as people were enjoying them so much.  This also allowed me to fulfill a principle (which I try to adopt where possible) of allowing people on low budgets to access the work.   I believe this is particulary important in a community project.  The posters are selling for $10 each and so far all have been bought by artists or people involved in the art world.  I think this quite nicely reflects both their incomes and support for the arts.

A poster made of one of the images from Inside Story


Please click on the links below to view the exhibition catalogue.

Opening night Portrait Panels Canvases Fine Art Prints
Inside Story video storyboard Bibliography

The gallery is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays but five  people still came through yesterday and three today by special arrangement.  I also managed to catch up on some paperwork and painting.

The portrait paintings are now coming together.

(The gallery hours are Wednesday – Sunday 11am – 3pm)

Tonight is the official opening of The Armadale Project and you are most welcome.  Doors open 6pm official opening 7pm.

Cnr Jull St and Commerce Ave, Armadale (opposite the train station)

The traveling canvases are being prepared for hanging.

Lorretta attaching the battens.

Today I picked up the prints from fine art printer, James Bryans who has made a lovely job of them. The stained glass windows have still to be hand painted.

St Matthew’s Church