Its now time to paint, paint, paint…  There is still much to do and time is running out, but there’s plenty of adrenalin running free with the end in sight.  Hopefully this will get me through to the deadline.

This painting is well on its way.


Today was the last day of the exhibition.  It was a scorching hot day and the trains were not running so there were very few people about which was rather disappointing for the last day.  Although there were not many passers by, the streets were empty and most people who were out looked hot and bothered, there were still some pretty determined people who came to see it before it closed closed.

The signs were brought in for the last time today

Arts Vision Armadale (AVA) who have been the hosts for this project have sent out invitations to mark the completion of the residency and The Armadale Project exhibition. If you haven’t received your invite, no worries pop along anyway, we will be glad to see you at:

The Old Post Office, Jull Street Mall, Armadale (opposite the railway station).

Friday December 19th – starts 6pm with the Hon. Alannah MacTiernan giving a formal address at 6.30pm

Lorraine Corker carrying one the traveling canvas’

This traveling canvas has had the last place added to it and I am now working on the finishing touches.

The story board has created a lot of interest and comments.

It will have to be washed off the wall at the end of the exhibition.

This has been a tricky one to do but I am slowly moving forward, although I have had to go back slightly with Michael to get it right.

As you can see a rough and ready catalogue has been posted and will remain at the top of the home page. I will be knocking it into shape over the coming days.

on line catalogue in progress

The Armadale Project Exhibition has been extended by two weeks to give more people the chance to see it.  The final closing date has not yet been finalised but is likely to be 14th December.

I had posters made of some of the images from inside story as people were enjoying them so much.  This also allowed me to fulfill a principle (which I try to adopt where possible) of allowing people on low budgets to access the work.   I believe this is particulary important in a community project.  The posters are selling for $10 each and so far all have been bought by artists or people involved in the art world.  I think this quite nicely reflects both their incomes and support for the arts.

A poster made of one of the images from Inside Story

A  collection of books, magazines and patterns that mark a variety of fashion, lifestyles and events over the generations are available to browse through in the seating area of the gallery.