The wall has been very popular especially with young people who have often returned with their friends to share their delight at being recorded.  The inside story has also been greatly enjoyed, especially the interactive nature of it.


I had posters made of some of the images from inside story as people were enjoying them so much.  This also allowed me to fulfill a principle (which I try to adopt where possible) of allowing people on low budgets to access the work.   I believe this is particulary important in a community project.  The posters are selling for $10 each and so far all have been bought by artists or people involved in the art world.  I think this quite nicely reflects both their incomes and support for the arts.

A poster made of one of the images from Inside Story

There has been a good response to the exhibition with a regular amount of people coming through and spending  quality time browsing around.  Inside story has proved particularly popular.

an open drawer from inside story

The final selection of images for the Inside Story installation have been chosen in readiness for them to be resized to fit their final positions.

Selection of images for inside story.

I am now back on line and able to publish all the posts that are backed up and waiting.

One of the images that will be used in the Inside Story installation.

Having sorted out many of the images for the drawers I have been trialing the arrangement before making the final decisions for the full-size copies.

sample images

I have been collecting items for months now for another aspect of the exhibition called “Inside Story”.