Having painted out the previous attempt of the John Calvin Christian school group,  I am much happier with this one even though I can see that the head sizes need to be adjusted.  Instead of having everyone in a single row (as in the photo)  I have moved the children in front which means I can now paint them at a better scale which isn’t so squeezy and it now fits in with the other paintings too.


The original building for John Calvin Christian School was erected about fifty years ago.  The founding members set about making the bricks by hand, but soon discovered that they were all slightly different and difficult to use.  In the end they purchased some manufactured bricks using the bricks they had made in the foundation.  What better foundation could you have for a school than one built on acknowledging human effort and difference.

The John Calvin primary school (in the top right hand corner) is the original school building

What a great experience it was today at John Calvin Christian School.  I originally met some of the students outside the Old Armadale Post Office.  They are also doing a project on Armadale.  Out of common interest we chatted for a while sharing the similarities and differences towards of our goals.   It is funny to reflect that at the time, they were outside the post office recording its history on video, while I was on the inside recording it on a painting.

At John Calvin School, talking to some of the students.