I met Matt outside the post office.  He was unable to come to the opening so I invited him for a private showing so he could check out his portrait.

Its now time to paint, paint, paint…  There is still much to do and time is running out, but there’s plenty of adrenalin running free with the end in sight.  Hopefully this will get me through to the deadline.

This painting is well on its way.

For the final show all the source material will be removed and the exhibition will follow more traditional lines.

Having painted out the previous attempt of the John Calvin Christian school group,  I am much happier with this one even though I can see that the head sizes need to be adjusted.  Instead of having everyone in a single row (as in the photo)  I have moved the children in front which means I can now paint them at a better scale which isn’t so squeezy and it now fits in with the other paintings too.

Tony made time from his busy schedule yesterday to come and check out his portrait.  He is well know locally for his dedication to the community through his voluntary work.  So far this year  he has put in over 600 hours of voluntary work, good on yer Tony.

Tony after shaving off his beard and moustache.

Kim has been waiting for his eyes to appear on his portrait for a while now.  So kim, here you are.


This has been a tricky one to do but I am slowly moving forward, although I have had to go back slightly with Michael to get it right.

I am working as hard as I can to get all these finished before the end of the exhibition.

This painting of Liz and Derek is nearly finished.  The hat needs a bit more work and a little touch here and there and I will call it a day on this one.  I will publish each painting as they finish.  They are coming close now.

Liz and Derek

I met Michael when I was painting the library which he loves to visit regularly.  He was very enthusiastic about the painting and couldn’t wait to bring his mum and sisters to see it.  It was also very nice for me to catch up with Micahel again.

Michael came with his mum and sisters to look at his portrait today.